Here at Fields Collision Center Jacksonville, we’re always happy to give advice about what accessories can make your next road trip even better. If you’ve recently taken advantage of our car restoration service on a classic vehicle, you may think you need to travel without modern-day conveniences, like a charging port. Thanks to advances in technology, that’s simply not the case.

If your classic car has a cigarette lighter port, we suggest opting for a Stanley Power Inverter. This product produces 140 watts of power, and it has two electrical outlets and a USB port. The inverter is powerful enough to charge two laptops, two cameras, and an iPhone simultaneously.

In today’s connected society, a Bestek Charging Dock is also a must-have if you’re going on an extended road trip. You can plug this space-saving charging dock into your power inverter for easy accessibility. This charging dock has six electrical outlets and four USB ports, and it can charge up to 11 devices at the same time. Now, everyone can power up their smartphones or tablets hassle free.

If you’re going camping and enjoy listening to music at the campsite, pick up a MagicBox Bluetooth™ Portable Speaker before you leave home. This speaker produces fantastic sound, and it makes listening to music around the campfire even more enjoyable.

There’s nothing like outfitting your vehicle with practical accessories, too. All-weather floor mats are never a bad idea. And neither are cargo organizers for SUV drivers.

While packing modern gear can make your road trip better, so can making sure your vehicle is ready for the open road with suitable accessories. And remember, if your automobile ever needs repairs, make an appointment to bring it into our Jacksonville, FL collision center now, your trusted choice for auto body repairs.