When you think of our Jacksonville, FL collision center, we hope you consider us a credible source of information. While you may know we’re your source for advice about water damage control, car repairs, and wind damage control, we want you to know we’re a resource you can trust for information about a wide array of automotive topics.

While we don’t sell or lease vehicles, we still hear drivers talk about their experiences all the time. One thing motorists share with us often is advice they get while shopping for a vehicle. Some of the things we’ve been told are simply untrue, which is why we thought it would be wise to share a few of our favorite car buying myths.

One of the funniest myths we’ve heard is that you should avoid purchasing a red car if you don’t want your insurance premium to skyrocket. If you want a red car, buy or lease one. The color of the automobile you decide to get will not affect your auto insurance premium.

Another amusing myth is that you should wait until it’s raining to shop for an automobile. When you think about all the pop-up thunderstorms we experience in our area, this myth will lead you to think that nearly every day is a great time to shop for a vehicle, which is closer to the truth. As you shop for a car, you’ll quickly realize that bad weather doesn’t motivate dealers to offer better prices on their automobiles.

Motorists are often told to hide their trade-in until the last minute, but that’s poor advice. The notion that there’s any benefit to hiding your trade-in is a myth.

While we can’t help you get a better deal on a vehicle, we can separate car buying myths from facts. To learn more, stop by Fields Collision Center Jacksonville today.