If you’re a car owner, you might be wondering whether you should take your vehicle to a service or collision center when it needs work. Ultimately, the choice you make depends heavily on the type of attention your automobile needs.

If your vehicle needs routine maintenance, you should head to your local service center. Service technicians have received extensive training to maintain all types of vehicles. If there’s a problem with your automobile, a service center’s technician will be able to identify its symptom and its underlying cause. Service center technicians take care of routine tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, parts replacement, and so much more.

A collision center should be your destination if your vehicle was in an accident and it needs auto body repairs. While collision center technicians receive training that’s similar to their service center brethren’s training, collision repair is a more specialized field that focuses on structural repairs and refinishes.

For example, here at our collision center, we employ technicians that are experts at frame reconstruction, auto body repair, welding, and paint matching. Their goal is to restore a damaged vehicle to its factory-recommended specifications.

Given the advanced training and experience our technicians have, you should head over to our Jacksonville, FL collision center if you need car restoration service. Just like we handle auto body repairs, our talented technicians also specialize in restoring cars, including automobiles that are in rough condition.

To learn more about the differences that exist between service and collision centers, contact Fields Collision Center Jacksonville. If your car needs repairs because it was involved in an accident or if you want yours restored, make an appointment as soon as today!