While we perform a host of car repairs that range from basic to extremely complex and involved, we always prefer drivers to bring their cars to our Jacksonville, FL collision center because they want to, not because they have to.

One way you can avoid car repairs that can add up quickly is to avoid neglecting your coolant system. No, we’re not talking about your air conditioning, although it’s wise to keep that in good shape given the temperatures we experience in Florida. What we’re talking about is the system that’s responsible for the air temperature around your engine.

Even when your engine is working properly, it produces heat as it generates mechanical power to propel your car forward or backward. Your coolant system is responsible for transferring this heat to the air. If your cooling system fails and too much heat builds up, your engine can experience problems which may lead to an unexpected breakdown or, even worse, an engine meltdown.

Your coolant system should keep your engine running at an optimal temperature at all times. If it doesn’t achieve this, you’ll still suffer even if your car doesn’t breakdown and your engine continues to function. When an engine operates at a less-than-ideal temperature, its components can wear out prematurely, the engine will be less efficient, and your car will emit more pollution.

With so much riding on your coolant system’s ability to temper the temperature near your engine, it’s vital that you pay attention to your cooling system. Coolant systems are made up of parts that will wear out over time, so be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to learn when you’ll need to get new parts for your cooling system.

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