Because they work at our Jacksonville, FL collision center, our employees know that wind can cause a lot of damage to cars. While many people don’t think about the power of the wind unless they’re discussing a hurricane or tornado, it’s important for you to avoid underestimating the wind’s destructive power even when a significant weather event isn’t in the immediate forecast.

Like much of Florida, our area is prone to experiencing thunderstorms at the last minute. One second the sky can be clear blue and just a few moments later we may experience drenching rain and claps of thunder. Thunderstorms can bring damaging winds with them. Damaging winds have speeds greater than 50-60 miles per hour.

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, damage from thunderstorms is responsible for 50 percent of the severe reports recorded in the contiguous United States. When you consider that cars can be dented from flying debris, open doors can be blown too far forward, and windows can be shattered, it’s easy to see how vulnerable vehicles are to being damaged by the wind.

Luckily, we offer dent removal and wind damage repair services at our collision center. If your automobile suffers damage from the wind, we can fix your vehicle for you.

While we can repair your car, there are some things you can do to protect your vehicle in inclement weather. The smartest thing you can do to protect your automobile is park it in an enclosed space like a garage. If you know a storm is coming and you don’t have a garage at your residence, consider parking your car in a covered parking space at a mall or another location that offers sheltered public parking.

If your car suffered damage from the wind or something else and it now needs dent removal or another kind of repair, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into Fields Collision Center Jacksonville today.