When it comes to the car repairs we provide at our Jacksonville, FL collision center, it’s often obvious when they’re necessary. If a car was involved in an accident, it’s likely it will need our dent removal service at a minimum. If a vehicle was left in an uncovered space and neglected for years, it’s quite possible our restoration services will be needed to bring the automobile back to its former glory.

While even someone who has no automotive training can tell if a vehicle needs a repair just by looking at the car in some cases, it’s not always that easy to tell when an automobile needs some professional attention. And that’s certainly the case when it comes to your car’s battery.

A car battery can fail as the result of many reasons that range from a manufacturing defect to age and everything in between. Although some batteries will fail with no warning, others may give subtle signs that they’re approaching the end of their useful life.

If your battery is more than three or four years old, you should keep a sharp eye out for any sign that it might be going bad. Time takes its toll on car batteries, and when they reach three or four years old, they are more likely to fail than they were when they were younger.

Even if your battery is relatively new, it can still experience problems. One sure indication that your battery is in trouble is a slow engine crank. Limited reserve cranking power is another sign that you may have to shop for a battery in the near future.

Corrosion is and additional indicator that your battery is going bad. If you see corrosion on your battery, consider buying a portable charger or getting a new battery before your current one dies all together.

To learn more signs that your battery might be going bad, contact Fields Collision Center Jacksonville today.