In previous blog posts, we’ve explained that keeping up with your car’s routine maintenance schedule is essential if you want to avoid auto body repairs. While we’re always happy to repair automobiles, we’re even happier to explain that you can avoid a lot of expensive repairs simply by maintaining your car the way its manufacturer recommends.

Although making minor repairs like replacing damaged exterior or interior trim is crucial, nothing surpasses regular maintenance in terms of importance when it comes to extending the life of your car. Even though every maintenance task is vital, some aren’t as pressing as others. While you shouldn’t put off any maintenance task if you can avoid it, you should never put off pressing tasks.

The most pressing maintenance tasks you should never ignore or postpone are the following:

  • Oil and Oil Filter Changes: Oil is often described as a car’s life’s blood because it’s a vital fluid that’s essential for your vehicle to operate properly. When your oil and oil filter are too old or dirty, they can’t protect your engine from damaging debris. Your oil also can’t protect your engine’s moving parts from the effects of friction.
  • Tire Rotations: As a general rule, you should have your tires rotated every other time you have your oil changed. If you don’t, the odds are good that you will dramatically shorten the life of your tires because they’ll wear unevenly, which can affect your car’s fuel efficiency, among other things.
  • Air Filter Changes: Think of an air filter as the device that allows fresh, clean air to reach your engine. When this can’t happen, it can reduce your mileage and cause your engine to stall.

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