If you’re familiar with our Lexus Certified Collision Center, you know that we do auto body repairs all the time. Because repairing and restoring cars are just two big reasons why we’re in business, it’s only logical that we’re familiar with all sorts of car insurance. In fact, many drivers rely on us to help them with their insurance claims after they’ve been involved in an accident.

While we’re always happy to help motorists with their claims, we’re also eager to help you save on auto insurance whenever possible. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of tips that can help you lower your car insurance costs.

  • Compare Quotes: Don’t just let your current policy renew automatically. Shop around and get quotes from at least three insurance providers, including the company that holds your existing policy. Make sure each policy offers the same coverage when you’re comparing quotes. Also, be sure to tell your current insurance provider that you’re going to compare quotes before deciding whether you’re going to renew your coverage.
  • Raise Your Deductible: In general, your insurance premium will be lower the higher your deductible is. If you can afford to pay more out of pocket comfortably if you have to, raise your policy’s deductible to lower your premium.
  • Ask about Discounts: Depending on your insurer, you may be eligible for a discount on your car insurance. You may qualify for a low mileage discount if you drive less than the average number of miles every year, for example.

For more tips about saving money on auto insurance, visit our Jacksonville, FL collision center. If your vehicle needs repairs or some restoration work, bring it to Fields Collision Center Jacksonville today.